Memcached optimization


Swapping out CakePHP’s default file logging for memcache can greatly improve performance. In my case I use couchbase server to manage NoSQL. From there administrative panel you can see every time your app has a page refresh.

Couchbase Server default bucket

Memcached optimization with CakePHP 2.x

To connect CakePHP with memcached place this in your app/Config/core.php

Cache::config('default', array(
	'engine' => 'Memcache',
	'prefix' => Inflector::slug(APP_DIR) . '_',
	'servers' => array(
			'' // localhost, default port 11211
		), //[optional]
	'duration' => 7200,
	'serialize' => false,
	'persistent' => true, // [optional] set this to false for non-persistent connections
	'compress' => false,
	'probability' => 100 

Your application will now benefit from using memcache instead of a standard logging system. In the event that you make major changes to you application you may need to “flush” the memcache bucket to clear the cached schema stored by CakePHP.

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